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Both Comté and Côtes du Rhône are iconic European PDOs with long and fabled histories. Comté has been crafted for nearly a 1,000 years, while Roman settlers planted the first vineyards in the Côtes du Rhône area over 2,000 years ago. Today this intrinsic love of terroir passed down by generations resonates in the flavors and aromas found in every bite and sip.

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Honoring the strong links between the foods and wines and the region they hail from, the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label celebrates a unique combination of terroir, history and tradition.

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label identifies a product that originates in a specific place, region or country. The quality or characteristics of this product are essentially or exclusively the result of a unique and ancient combination of (1) geographical and natural factors (raw materials, environmental characteristics, location) and (2) human factors (traditions, artisanal production, craftsmanship). All the production phases of this product take place in the defined geographical area and in respect of the exacting specifications unique to this PDO.

About Comté
du Rhône
du Rhône
Northeast of Lyon, in the Jura Mountains along the border with Switzerland, another distinct terroir gives rise to the Comté PDO.

Comté is an ancient and majestic cooked and pressed cheese renowned for its complex aromatic richness. Each wheel weighs about 80 lbs. Picture the mountains of the Jura Massif crowned with pine forests at elevations between 650 and 5,000 feet with green valleys cutting through the fractured landscape and beautiful pastures dotted with grazing cows.

Comté offers a broad diversity of flavours according to each micro-terroir, the seasons and their flora, the skills of the cheesemakers and the affineurs.

du Rhône
The Côtes du Rhône PDO, located between Lyon and Avignon in Southeast France, is a cherished and historic wine region that spans both banks of the Rhône river.

Picture an epic geological clash between the Massif Central and the Alps that created a unique variety of distinct terroirs: from steep slopes with terraces to rolling hillsides, plains and plateaus.

The various soils go from the iconic galets roulés to sand, gravel, and granitic rocks. Côtes du Rhône producers cultivate up to 23 grape varieties and blend them into versatile, generous and food-friendly wines.

About Iconic
Terroirs of

« Iconic Terroirs of Europe, Comté and Côtes du Rhône » is a campaign co-financed by the European Union in order to generate greater awareness for European Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs) among American thought leaders and the general public.

The campaign aims at encouraging decision makers and consumers to discover Côtes du Rhône wines and Comté cheese.


The Comté and Côtes du Rhône PDOs have much in common. Together they create a new dynamic based on shared values, mindsets and experiences.


Love of terroir: both PDOs express specific and beautiful terroirs, respectively the Massif du Jura in northeastern France and the Rhône Valley in southeastern France, in all their diversity.


Commitment to sustainable agricultural practices: both PDOs care for their environment and biodiversity, limit outside inputs, preserve resources and function with great transparency vis-à-vis the consumer.


Passion for craftsmanship : both PDOs relies on the skills of master craftsmen to achieve excellence from soil to table. Every step of the way, patience, dedication, passion, know-how, traditions and modernity permeate their gestures to create a legacy for the future.


Together the Comté and Côtes du Rhône PDOs offer simple and delicious food and wine pairings for all to share.

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