Serving tips and pairings

Comté and Côtes du Rhône, a source of infinite pleasures.

Here are a few suggestions about pairing Comté cheese and Côtes du Rhône wine. They take into account the texture, the acidity, the minerality, the density or body of both.

There are few cheeses like Comté that have their place at every stage of a meal, from breakfast to aperitif time, or on a cheese platter. It is also very easy and delicious to cook with Comté: gratiné dishes, sauces, fondue, grilled sandwiches, etc.

On their end, Côtes du Rhônes wines are made with food in mind. They are as versatile as wine can be when it comes to food. 

Together Comté and Cotes du Rhône wines represent a broad spectrum of delicious combinations. Comté’s aromatic diversity is so vast that it pairs surprisingly well, depending on its characteristics, with many types of wine, from a light and crisp rosé to a full-bodied red.



Pairing 1 : Comté and Côtes du Rhône white or rosé :

A young Comté with fruity, lactic and slightly roasted aromas will pair well with round and soft wines. 

A fresh, crisp white or a rosé wine allows a contrasting pairing: the acidity of the wine complements with the soft texture of a young Comté and reveals its fruity, floral aromas.

A denser white wine will pair well with a robust Comté with buttery and leathery aromas.


Pairing 2 : Comté and Côtes du Rhône red :

A light round red with black fruit and white pepper aromas will easily pair with a fruity and nutty Comté with a note of roasted onion.

A more assertive Comté with strong roasted aromas of coffee and braised onion, walnut and leather or an older Comté with notes of garlic and mushroom will pair well with more powerful and tannic red wine.

Comté also lends itself to many culinary uses, from a simple tartine or cheeseburger, to macaroni and cheese, to gougères, quiche, onion soup, omelets, cakes, etc. Each of these preparations has a Côtes du Rhône wine to go with it, be it white, rosé or red. Pairings is a game that only requires a bit of imagination and stimulate one’s taste buds.