Carolyn Covington
From Jura Mountains to Côtes du Rhône Vineyards
Savoring Terroir: Comté PDO and Côtes du Rhône Unveiled

Just like wine, some cheeses can come from European Protected Designations of Origins (PDOs) and are heavily influenced by their terroir. 

One such gem is Comté, a semi-hard cheese originating from the picturesque Jura Mountains in France. From the thoughtful selection of dairy cow diets to the skillful hands of the cheesemaker and ripener, every wheel of Comté PDO embodies a distinctive and opulent flavor profile, ensuring that each piece is a singular experience.

Côtes du Rhône is a famous wine region in southeastern France,  its unique terroirs allow to cultivate 23 grape varieties, and along with Comté practices sustainable agriculture and care for their environment and biodiversity. 

Pairing these exquisite wines with Comté cheese creates a sensory symphony, as the wine’s acidity elegantly cuts through the cheese’s creaminess, allowing the fruity nuances to gleam.

Next time you’re craving an iconic duo, try Comté and Côtes du Rhône. Your palate won’t be disappointed! 

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